The Future of Radio

Radio remains one of the most popular forms of mass media in the world. However, listener expectations are changing. As radio becomes more multi-platform, different devices mean a different listening experience. James Cridland, who launched the world’s first radio station streaming app, will show us that radio is different on headphones than on speakers – and your audience expects different forms of radio on each.

Live, linear radio is not always what the listener wants to hear. Pre-production and the right use of technology can make for better radio across all platforms. We need a radically different way of making radio if radio will continue to survive on all devices and platforms. „Live“ has been historically important to radio for a long time: but is it beginning to hold us back?

Your audience has access to more stations and more forms of audio than ever before. James will argue that radio needs to continue to work hard to retain audiences: and needs to change the fundamental methods of production to truly succeed in a connected age.


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James Cridland

Radio Futurologist